So where is Levi, Finland??

Levi is a fell located in Finnish Lapland, and is the largest ski resort in Finland.

At a latitude of 67.8° north, it is located 170 km north of the Arctic Circle. The snowboard season in Levi is fairly long: from October to mid-May. Levi has about 3 weeks without daylight in December, and the hill is lit with spectacular rainbow light shows. However, it’s now March and past the vernal equinox, so we’re enjoying over 12 hours of sunshine daily — although temperatures are still forecasted to be cold -25°C overnight and -9 to -5°C during the days.

This week the forecast for solar activity is also very high, and the CASI Interski Team was welcomed on our arrival into Kittilä airport last night by a spectacular display of the Northern Lights.