USA – Freestyle

Today I had the pleasure to attend a freestyle session presented by Tony Macri of the AASI. It was a fun session that kept everyone engaged and involved in the park, using the AASI’s 6 Fundamentals as a base for creating the trick outcomes we worked on. He also introduced the TAD model to help us evolve and improve the tricks as we went.

The 6 Fundamentals and the TAD model combined are an interesting take on similar concepts to our 5 skills. Tony gives a great rundown of these concepts that you can check out here:

Ultimately, we’re talking about the same things in different ways, which is a common theme here at Interski; however, I think there is a lot of value in trying to interpret one concept many different ways, as it can bring greater clarity and understanding of the base concept. In CASI, we like to say ‘there are no rights and wrongs, just actions and consequences’…